Our team has taken our years of restaurant experience and worked out steps of service to provide you and our staff with an environment that follows the best practices so that you may enjoy a relaxed dining experience in all of our restaurants.  We will share with you the steps we are taking to minimize health risks and maximize your safe, dining pleasure. As a restaurant leader in our community, we are raising the bar for safety standards, best employee practices, sanitation and disinfecting in all of our establishments.



We have placed signage upon arrival that warns guests from entering our establishment if they feel unwell or have symptoms of COVID-19.


For the health and safety of our employees and all other guests in the restaurant, and per the Governor’s Executive Order effective August 3, all guests and vendors are required to wear a mask or face covering upon entering or exiting the restaurant and at all times inside the restaurant except when seated at their table while dining.


Per the Governor's Executive order effective August 3, table sizes are limited to no more than 8 guests.


We have made our menus, wine and cocktail lists available digitally with a QR code. We also have single-use menus available for guests to use.

Dining tables and counters are not pre-set with place settings prior to guest arrival. Guests will be given disinfected and cleaned glassware, plates, and contained flatware as appropriate throughout the meal. We provide single use condiments for our guests.



All our dining tables are placed at least six feet apart and our group size limit is eight people per table.

Whenever possible, employees are expected to maintain a safe social distance of 6 feet from other employees, vendors, and guests at all times while working and moving throughout the restaurant. 


•All employees have their temperature taken daily before starting work. Anyone with a high temperature is sent home to seek medical attention.

•Staff members wear masks at all times during the work day.

•No physical contact (hugs, high fives, handshakes, etc.) are permitted. Any incident or accidental physical contact must be followed by thorough hand washing of all contacted individuals.

•We use verbal signals such as “coming down” and “corner” in order to communicate our location and avoid contact and collisions with other employees.

•All staff members give the right of way to our guests to establish a safe distance when passing each other in the restaurant.

•All staff members are encouraged to follow best social practices in their daily lives away from the workplace.



•Social distancing is clearly marked for guests waiting to be seated.

• We have established guest capacity limits based on governmental social distancing guidelines.

• We have outdoor dining in order to increase air flow and dining space.

• Guests will be encouraged to use a contactless payment system.




Dining tables and counters are fully cleaned and disinfected after each guest leaves and before another party is sat. Hosts are notified when a table and its surrounding areas are cleaned and disinfected before seating a party.  Throughout the shift, all touch points are cleaned and disinfected. 

We employ a nightly cleaning crew that cleans and disinfects each of our establishments.  



As an extra precaution for our work family and our guests, each of our facilities is fogged weekly in a process that kills all bacteria and viruses for two weeks. This allows our guests to “Rest-Assure” they are dining in a restaurant free of viruses.  



Disposable gloves are worn while performing various tasks throughout the workday. We stock a variety of glove sizes and  each station is equipped with its own box of gloves to minimize the need to travel throughout the restaurant to acquire supplies.



We provide all safety equipment for employees to wear during their shifts. 

The following pieces of safety equipment are provided to employees:

• Face Masks

• Disposable Gloves

• Hair and Beard Nets