Our 2019 Summer Shakedown shakes are in and freaky delicious... but we'll let you be the judge of that. Each of our locations have created a Freakshake worthy of being added to our menu, but only one will be chosen. The location who sells the most of their own creation WINS! So, which one will you try first?

Competition closes on August 31... don't wait to get your freak on!

2019 Freakshake strip.jpg

"Breakfast of FREAKS"

Fruity Pebbles ice cream, white chocolate, chocolate covered Rice Krispie Treats, strawberry purée, topped with whip cream and even more Fruity Pebbles!

*Available at Greenville Main St. location only*

"Donut Kill My Vibe"

Ice cream with cold brew, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, coffee ground sprinkle, glazed donut, cold brew flavored whip cream with a donut hole as the cherry on top!

*Available at Haywood Mall location only*

"Cloud 9"

Popcorn, vanilla and sprinkles ice cream topped with blue raspberry cotton candy, a scoop of cotton candy ice cream, Sixlets, rock candy, cotton candy lollipop, sour candy licorice, cotton candy Pop Rocks, a macaroon and whip cream!

*Available at Columbia location only*